In fact, these words often make a sentence more forceful and graceful. Never begin a sentence—or a clause—with also.

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Everything is, everything exists, only because i love.

Is it good grammar to start a sentence with because. The question about whether it’s grammatical to begin a sentence with and, but, or or is actually the question of whether it’s grammatical to begin a sentence with a coordinating conjunction. Here’s what some of the big usage guides say on the matter. Because this happens so often, let’s cut to the chase.

The good news is, you can rest easy knowing that there is no true grammar rule that says you can’t ever start a sentence with one of these conjunctions. Because heads up subordinate clauses, which means if you have a clause that starts with because, you must also have a main clause in your sentence. “contrary to what your high school english teacher told you, there’s no reason not to begin a sentence with but or and ;

Ideal for emails, articles, business letters & much more. Good sentence starters to establish cause and effect. Sentence starters can make this relationship clear and show which sentence is the cause and which is the effect.

A main clause is something that could be a complete sentence by itself. Meiklejohn, the art of writing english, 1899. Otherwise, you end up with a fragmented sentence.

—james brown, the american system of english grammar, 1826. Yes, you can absolutely start a sentence with “because.” and…you caught that, didn’t you? Or never begins a sentence, paragraph, or chapter.

The company should insure its workers because if uninsured workers end up in the er, the burden falls on society, not the company. The main clause can come first or last; Ideal for emails, articles, business letters & much more.

Because squiggly woke up late, he had to. Starting a sentence with a conjunction (e.g., and, but) in the past, schools were rigid in their ruling that sentences could not start with coordinating conjunctions, such as and or but.however, this ruling is now considered outdated, meaning it is perfectly acceptable to start a sentence with a coordinating conjunction. When you flip the order of your clauses and put a comma between them, your sentence will start with “because” and still be correct.

Right there we started a sentence with “because,” and it’s completely correct. The rule is that you can’t start a sentence with “because” as it should only be used to join the main clause with a dependent clause. But that doesn’t mean you can’t or shouldn’t do it.

If it comes last, you need a comma. But for whatever reason, people often avoid starting a sentence with “because.” can you start a sentence with because? Many grammar buffs will slap you on the hand with a ruler for starting sentences with a conjunction—to them, placing the conjunction (but, and, yet, etc.) first creates a grammatically incomplete thought like a sentence fragment.

The one that seems to get quoted the most is the chicago manual of style, which says:

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